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Coaching Services

Strengthen your awareness and supercharge your wellness with personalized coaching to keep you accountable and help you finally live a life you love!

Real talk: Living a life you love, free from anxiety and full of clarity, doesn't have to be so hard.


You don't have to wake up each day feeling stuck in your head and in your own way, telling yourself you'll never get that promotion or find someone to date who lives up to your standards.


Or go to bed every night overthinking with no end in sight, replaying conversations with friends and coworkers, cringing and wishing you could re-do them.


Or worse––slogging through each day with that hopeless feeling, thinking you just don't deserve a fulfilling life of ease and contentment.


Like happiness just isn't in the cards for you.

Here's the truth of the matter: If you're someone like me who's struggled with anxiety, self-esteem, and relationships, and who doesn't have heaploads of support coming from your family, your approach to wellness needs to be a bit different than the norm. 

Maybe you've been to therapy, but it just didn't feel that helpful because you already know why you're unfulfilled, you just don't know how to change your mindset and habits.

Or maybe you're a self-help fanatic, reading all the books and following all the Instagram accounts that give quick tips and hot takes on how to be less anxious and live a life you love, but you just can't seem to make yourself follow through on making any of these changes because you are so stuck in your usual routines of work, couch, bed, repeat.

You feel overwhelmed when you think about the changes you want to make around relationships, work, and wellness. Then you call yourself a "failure" when you don't make changes when in reality, you need a different approach.

This is where coaching comes in! Coaching is a complete gamechanger in how you can become a more active participant in your life because we focus on both learning AND action.

Breaking out of autopilot mode and creating a life you love happens step-by-step through learning, reflection, purpose, and intention.


It's possible to learn how to make thoughtfully considered choices without overthinking it all a million times over.


Intentional choices that can help you make lasting changes you can see and feel--like deciding what to do on a Friday night based on your feelings and needs, instead of always going along with what your friend or partner wants to do.

And unlike self-help which you have to figure out on your own, coaching provides you with the accountability you need to help you stay on track through life's inevitable ups and downs.

Imagine waking up every day knowing that you’re able to manage the stressors of work and relationships with relative ease.

Imagine trusting yourself to make choices that truly align with your values and life purpose, like being more compassionate and kind to yourself and others.

Imagine confidently knowing and believing that you are strong and resilient, able to face life’s challenges without beating yourself up or getting stuck in overthinking.


This is exactly what you can expect from Wise Mind Wellness's Signature Coaching Program.

My signature coaching program is the solution to reveal what's most important to you, highlight your strengths, and harness your innate wisdom to help you live a life of clarity, confidence, and fulfillment. 

Over the course of working together, you can expect to:


  • Better understand how your past is impacting you today and keeping you from where you want to be in the future

  • Take back control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions to get out of exhausting autopilot mode, giving you heaps of energy and confidence

  • Feel more grounded, present, intentional, and fulfilled in your daily choices and decisions

How will you gain these amazing benefits?

  • By learning about your unique psychology, deepening your insight, self-awareness, and self-understanding both in and outside of our sessions--I'll do the research for you, you do the learning

  • By forming wellness routines that you are able to easily keep up with because we'll design these together to blend in with your work, hobbies, and relationships

  • And by receiving supportive accountability, feedback, and guidance in between sessions so you can easily work through challenges and stay on track toward your goals

If you’re reading this thinking “umm heck YES I need this in my life now", then let’s chat more today! 

Want to try before you buy?
That's a wise choice!

I'm offering free coaching in exchange for a brief market research interview. Click here to learn more and sign up!

  • How is mental health coaching different from therapy?
    While there is some crossover between therapy and coaching, there are also distinct differences between the two. As someone who's worked as both a therapist and a coach, I can easily answer this question for you! 1. The main difference is that therapy is about treating mental illness, or a diagnosable mental health condition/disorder; coaching, on the other hand, is focused on helping you take action to meet your goals, which can include goals to feel better! While many people who seek therapy are experiencing difficulties in their lives, they do not actually meet diagnostic criteria for a mental health disorder, yet their therapist must give them a diagnosis in order for services to be covered by insurance. This typically looks like folks who are feeling stressed and anxious, are experiencing some self-doubt, who can have difficulty speaking up in their relationships, and who don't prioritize their self-care, but generally, are able to get by in their lives without significant impairment. People who fall into this camp are perfect for coaching! 2. Another difference is that therapy focuses on better understanding how experiences from your past are continuing to impact you now, while coaching focuses more on looking at where you're at now and seeing how to get you to where you want to be. In coaching, we'll touch upon your past to serve as context for where you're at now, and we'll focus much more on helping you take action now to create the future you want for yourself--one that's fulfilling and aligned with your values and goals! So if you've been thinking about going to therapy and have a sense that you're not experiencing mental illness, but rather, could benefit from deepening your self-understanding, gaining new coping skills, and having accountability in taking action on all the things you've been wanting to do but have felt stuck in, then coaching sounds like the right fit for you! Still feeling unsure if coaching is the right fit for you? Sign up for a 30-minute free connection call and we can figure it out together.
  • What's the investment to work with you?
    Time investment: My signature Wise Mind Wellness Coaching program includes 12 60-minute weekly sessions completed in around 3 months. After the 3 months is up, we'll check in around your progress towards your goals and you can decide if you'd like to continue working together. Because my clients have so much success in their first 3 months, many choose to continue working with me for at least 6 months so they can continue to uplevel their lives! Weekly, you'll be expected to invest one hour for our session, and at least 20-minutes daily to complete homework assignments and practice new ways of being. This is where the change happens! Financial investment: Receiving high quality mental health coaching shouldn't only be available to rich folks! For that reason, I aim to price my services in a way that works for most people who have full-time employment and are smart with their spending. I also offer a select number of sliding scale spots in my caseload for people with verifiable financial limitations who would be a perfect fit for my services. If this is you, part of our work will be around improving your financial situation to help remove that stress from your life and help you feel more in control. I would rather help more people than less and will always aim to work with you around pricing if it feels like a great match and I know I'd be able to help you achieve your goals. Like all good investments, you will get out of coaching what you put into it, and high quality mental health coaching like you receive here at Wise Mind Wellness Coaching will pay off in dividends over the rest of your life!
  • Are you trauma-informed?
    Absolutely! As a person with lived experience in healing from trauma, I know firsthand the importance of working with a practitioner who is not only trauma-informed, but who is trauma-responsive. Being trauma-responsive means that I'm not only aware of what trauma is and how it may impact your life, but that I'll adjust my approach and our work in ways that take into account the traumatic experiences you may have had and provide you with resources and coping strategies that will not retraumatize you and instead, actually help with your healing process. There's a lot of confusion around if coaches are ethically able to work with people who have experienced trauma, and again, as someone who has worked as both a therapist and a coach, I can speak directly to this. In our coaching sessions, we will not be diving deep into the stories of what's happened to you; if you feel like that's what you need right now, then therapy might be a better fit. Also, if you are experiencing symptoms of PTSD, therapy also sounds like it may be a better fit, as you may need mental health treatment rather then mental health coaching. In mental health coaching, we'll touch upon your past to help serve as context for the challenges you may be experiencing right now, and work with your patterns and beliefs in the present to help you develop a stronger sense of control and grounding. We will also use mindfulness throughout our sessions and this can sometimes be triggering for people with trauma. As a trauma-responsive mental health coach, I know how to design mindfulness approaches that will help you to feel more present and embodied in gentle, compassionate ways.
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