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Mindfulness-based Coaching for High-achieving, Anxious People

Learn how to take compassionate action to break out of autopilot mode and live a more fulfilling life.
Because you deserve it!

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Oh hey there and welcome to Wise Mind Wellness Coaching - the place where progressive, professional people like yourself come to break free from anxiety and self-doubt, get out of your own way, and learn to live the intentional, mindful, and fulfilling life you deserve.

Wise Mind Wellness Coaching exists because I understand a few things very clearly about you and what's brought you here today.


And that is that you want to feel more relaxed when you're by yourself and around coworkers, friends, and family, you want to feel present with yourself instead of disconnected, and to be truly content and happy with your choices, trusting yourself to know what's right for you.

And more than that?


You want this to happen in a way that's full of self-compassion and self-understanding, so you create a life where you trust your decisions, have healthy, balanced relationships, and solid self-care routines you love and can stick to!

Founded in 2020 by me, Elissa Burdick, MA, NBC-HWC, Wise Mind Wellness Coaching was born from a desire to help hardworking, intelligent people who feel stuck in their heads and lives without knowing *how* to make the changes needed to feel more content and fulfilled. 

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I've worked in the mental health field since 2010 as a case manager, therapist, and coach. I've also been working on my own personal development, improving my mental, emotional, and relational wellness since 2004. And I've learned a LOT over the years! 

Mainly this: Not everyone who wants to make positive changes in their lives needs to spend countless hours in therapy talking endlessly about the past.

So many people who seek out support are just *so ready* to feel better and learn practical ways to improve their lives. Sound familiar?

I hope so because I get you!

You're a hard-working, driven person who knows how to deliver at work, yet you've fallen into auto-pilot mode when it comes to self-care and your relationships.


Despite all the self-help content you consume on social media and all you've been learning about the power of mindfulness, you can't seem to find the motivation to take action on all you've learned so you can finally feel more relaxed, confident, and fulfilled.

That's where I come in!

The unique mental health coaching services you'll receive at Wise Mind Wellness Coaching are all powered and driven by: 

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All of this together is how I will help you to truly understand your feelings and needs so you can make authentic and compassionate changes to improve your mindset and wellness, all while providing you with personalized tools and compassionate accountability so you can feel supported, creative, and excited about the fulfilling life you will create.

Why wait any longer to live a life you love?

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