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My Mission: Emotional Intelligence for All

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Hello, hey and hi! I'm Elissa, your Wise Mind coach, the founder of Wise Mind Wellness Coaching, and I'm on a mission to improve society's emotional intelligence through my unique style of mindfulness-based health and wellness coaching that's both grounded in psychology, elevated by the power of applied mindfulness, and held by the compassionate relationship I create with my clients.

You may be thinking, "Woah now, that's a big goal!" And you're right! It's a huge goal! And like any good coach, I know that it'll happen incrementally over time through taking small, consistent steps, building upon my successes as I go.

And here I am: Building upon my previous success as a corporate behavioral health coach where I coached hundreds of clients who worked at Fortune 500 companies like Sephora and Buzzfeed, designed and gave trainings for new coaches on best practices, along with my 10+ years' experience working as a case manager, counselor, and therapist.

It's so inspiring watching people learn how to feel more fulfilled and intentional in their lives. To see them change how they relate to their emotions and the people in their lives. Even more inspiring, and what fuels this mission, is how almost every client I've worked with has shared the benefits and insights they've gained with their friends, coworkers, and loved ones, leading to an amazing ripple effect of increased mindfulness, connection, and emotional intelligence throughout their lives.

Seeing this in action over and over tells me that while my goal is ambitious, it's one that many others share and even may already be participating in. How exciting!

Interested in improving your emotional intelligence? Check out my different offerings for individuals, businesses, and coaches to see which service would best fit your needs. You can also schedule a free 30-minute consultation to chat with me about what you're looking for to see which service is best for you. See you soon!

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