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Hi, I'm Elissa, your Wise Mind Coach!

Mindfulness-based Health and Wellness Coaching

Boost Your Emotional Intelligence


Improve Your Relationships


Live a More Fulfilled Life

You're in the right place if:


You're tired of talking endlessly in therapy without seeing any life changes


You're ready to stop comparing yourself to others and truly feel confident in who you are 


You're looking for personalized guidance in learning to meditate and live a more mindful life


You're tired of feeling stuck in endless cycles of self-doubt and limiting beliefs

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Training

Better understand emotions in others and yourself, know how to self-soothe and stay grounded when others are in emotional distress. 


Mindfulness Meditation Instruction

Learn how to form a regular mindfulness meditation practice and how to use mindfulness in-the-moment to live a more intentional, fulfilled life.


Compassion for Self and Others

Free yourself from negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. Learn how to give yourself the kindness, grace, and understanding you seek to give to others.

Personal growth

Personal Growth and Mastery

Set and achieve goals with relative ease, seeing roadblocks as mere bumps in the road, allowing you to live a more fulfilled, intentional, forward-facing life.


Idea and Insight Generation

Creative solution brainstorming to help you get out of whatever rut you're stuck in, all while learning more about yourself along the way.


Relationships and Communication

Learn how to become attuned to those around you, to self-advocate, have difficult conversations, and find greater clarity in your relationships both personally and professionally.

The Wise Mind Approach to Wellness



The complete Wise Mind Wellness Coaching Program is uniquely designed to help you better understand yourself, build your self-compassion, and live a more fulfilled life.

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Meet Elissa

- Master's Degree in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Psychology

- National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

- Supporting people in improving their mental health and wellness since 2010

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Mission Statement and Values

A healthy society requires healthy relationships, and healthy relationships require healthy individuals. Our emotional health plays a key--yet often misunderstood--role in how we relate to others, to ourselves, how we make our decisions, and live our lives--for better or worse.

My mission is to help people understand their emotions and improve their relationships through the power of my unique style of mindfulness-based wellness coaching for the betterment of individuals, families, and society.

This mission is rooted in the values of intersectional feminism, equity, social justice, and is inherently trauma-informed. A more just and fair society requires empathy-in-action, an approach that is grounded in applied mindfulness and infused in all that we do at Wise Mind Wellness Coaching.

The Journey Towards Wellness Begins on the Path of Awareness. Begin Your Journey Today.

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