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Individual Coach Mentorship

  • Learn how to be trauma-informed to keep clients safe and supported in their growth, as well as to remain ethical and within your scope as a coach

  • Boost your emotional intelligence and ability to be emotionally attuned to your clients, deepening your coaching relationship and their sense of safety, allowing for more impactful coaching work

  • Learn how to pivot from therapy to coaching utilizing your existing toolbox and adding more as you grow

  • Learn to stay present and avoid "fixing" things for your clients

  • Confidently know how to enforce the boundary between therapy and coaching

​When​ I left my corporate coaching job in 2020 and began creating Wise Mind Wellness Coaching, I was struck by how many of my coach colleagues told me to let them know if I'm ever looking to hire more coaches and expand my business. Hearing this made me realize how much value I've brought to my colleagues through my practical feedback and compassionate guidance, so while I'm not hiring coaches just yet, I am excited to offer coach mentorship!

It is so valuable to have a coach mentor, a role that I played for most of my colleagues either directly through being their appointed mentor or indirectly through my participation in group supervision or via the coach trainings I put together and presented on.

Mentorship is perfect for coaches who are still getting their bearings, figuring out their style, and could benefit from an experienced coach guiding them towards best practices in coaching. Mentorship is also perfect for therapists who are shifting towards coaching, a path I walked myself!


The mentorship I provide is rooted in the knowledge that it's the quality of the helping relationship that leads to lasting change for clients and elevated by the power of applied mindfulness so that you can learn how to walk your clients through the stages of change with relative ease.


In your mentoring sessions, you will receive: 

  • Personally curated resources to enhance your understanding of psychology, human behavior, and the process of change

  • Direct feedback and guidance on your coaching skills and interventions

  • Knowledge of how to provide trauma-informed coaching to minimize harm and remain within the ethical scope of coaching

  • Coaching for yourself around any personal challenges you may be having, like low self-confidence

  • Support around creating a coaching business, taking the National Board Exam, and more!

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Monthly Mentorship Investment

Includes 60-minutes of coaching per week, email accountability, and check-ins between sessions.

  • Virtuous/Pay-it-Forward: $700/month

  • Standard/Sustainable: $550/month

  • Reduced/Supported: $400/month

  • Sliding Scale: Limited availability, pricing is based on your needs

Most choose to work together for a minimum of 3 months, with many achieving lasting changes after 6 months of coaching mentorship.


There is a 10% discount when purchasing a 3-month mentorship package, and a 15% discount when purchasing a 6-month mentorship package.

As Needed Mentorship Investment

Just need a bit of support here and there? As needed mentorship sounds right for you!

  • Virtuous/Pay-it-Forward: $220/90 minutes, $110/45 minutes

  • Standard/Sustainable: $180/90 minutes, $90/45 minutes

  • Reduced/Supported: $120/90 minutes, $60/45 minutes

  • Sliding Scale: Limited availability, pricing is based on your needs

Coach Mentorship

Looking to boost your skills as a mindfulness-based coach? Are you new to coaching and looking for a compassionate, experienced mentor? Wanting to ensure that you're trauma-informed? You're in the right place!

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Group Hike
Group Mentorship Schedule and Waitlist

To allow for differing schedules, three different sessions are offered each week online via Zoom on:

  • Wednesdays from 6-7pm ET

  • Thursdays from 12-1pm ET

  • Saturdays from 11am-12pm ET

Group members agree to commit to the same time each week.

Interested in joining the next group coaching cohort? Fill out this form to stay in the loop and add your name to the waitlist.

Groups begin once all spots have been filled.

Group Mentorship

  • Give and receive support to like-minded coaches looking to boost everyone's mindfulness-based health and wellness coaching skills

  • Brainstorm challenging coaching scenarios

  • Practice your coaching skills in a safe atmosphere

  • Discuss trends and best practices within coaching

Group coach mentorship can be a powerful (and cost-effective) way to give and receive support around coaching best practices, brainstorm challenging coaching scenarios, and boost your network of colleagues and referral sources.

Groups are limited to 6 coaches to allow everyone to receive individualized support. Groups run for 8 weeks via video chat. You also receive lifetime access to the private Wise Mind Coach Mentorship Facebook group where you can stay connected between group sessions, share wins and challenges, and continue to grow your coaching skills.

Group Mentorship Investment

Includes 8 weeks of 60-minute group coaching per week and lifetime access to the private Wise Mind Coach Mentorship Facebook group.


In order to promote a healthy group culture, you are asked to commit to all 8 sessions; missing more than 2 group coaching sessions disrupts the group harmony, sense of safety and predictability, erodes trust and will result in the forfeiture of all remaining sessions.

  • Virtuous/Pay-it-Forward: $540/8-week session

  • Standard/Sustainable: $440/8-week session

  • Reduced/Supported: $320/8-week session

  • Sliding Scale: Limited availability, pricing is based on your needs

Not sure which mentorship level is right for you? Book a free 30-minute consultation today and we'll discuss your needs and goals to find the right fit for you.

Equitable Tiered Pricing

In line with our commitment to inclusivity, we make every effort to be financially accessible to all using a tiered pricing structure based on your economic situation, as well as a select number of sliding scale positions available each month. We trust you to act with integrity and honesty, choosing the pricing tier that is best aligned with your economic situation.


This level is for the most economically privileged who wish to give back and support others with less privilege. A percentage of the coaching fee at this level goes towards our reduced/supported, sliding scale, and pro bono offerings. 


This level is the standard fee that enables us to sustain our business, allowing for professional development, business fees, and expenses. 


Coaching fees at this level are reduced for those who need financial support to receive coaching. 

Sliding Scale

There are a select number of sliding scale spots available at any given time, where the price of coaching is based on your particular financial needs. 

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