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Coaching for Businesses and Organizations

Are you part of a progressive organization that's ready to "walk the talk" of your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion campaign? Do you want to level up your leadership skills so you can truly connect with your employees and coworkers? Want to offer a benefit that your people will actually take advantage of? Look no further!

The Wise Mind Leadership Program

  • Emotional intelligence training for organizational leaders and managers through individual and group coaching

  • Can be bundled with the Wise Mind Workplace Wellness Package for a discount

  • Pricing based on the size of your organization and length of the contract (minimum of 3 months to start)

This spin-off of my signature coaching program is designed to support business and organizational leaders in creating more equitable, supportive, and progressive spaces for their employees and partners. This is a top-down approach focused on creating real change in how executives and managers enact your company's values.

This program is perfect for decision and policymakers, HR professionals, CEOs, and managers at every level who want to leverage the power of emotional intelligence to support true DEI and be an element of social change.

Through individual and group coaching sessions, we will explore your organization's values and vision, any challenges you are facing, and create SMART goals and plans to help you make your vision a reality.


This coaching package can be tailored specifically to your needs and interests, and in general, organizational leaders will gain:

  • Enhanced confidence in understanding organizational psychology

  • The ability to create a trauma-informed workplace and knowledge of why that matters

  • Improved communication skills through boosting your own emotional intelligence, allowing you to have difficult conversations with less stress

  • A creative boost through receiving my unique mindfulness-based wellness consultation

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The Wise Mind Workplace Wellness Package

  • Mindfulness-based health and wellness coaching offered to all eligible employees at no cost to them

  • One wellness workshop per month based on your organization's needs

  • Pricing based on the size of your organization and length of the contract (minimum of 3 months to start)

Progressive employers and organizational leaders are realizing the importance of providing employee benefits that will actually be used, that will make a positive impact on their overall workplace wellness, and that will improve the company's bottom line.


Providing health and wellness coaching to your employees and members of your organization can help you attract and retain top talent, and ensure that you're "walking the talk" of your values--putting to action the ways you tell your employees that you care about them by investing in their wellness. 

In your confidential coaching sessions, you and your employees will receive:

  • Practical applied mindfulness tips and strategies to support personal and professional development

  • Clarity about challenges on an emotional and relational level backed by psychological principles

  • Personalized goal plans to help achieve wins and boost confidence

  • Personally curated resources to learn from based on individual needs

  • Recordings of coaching sessions and workshops for reference

Whether your goal is to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism due to unwell employees, or to positively impact the culture and attitudes in your organization, the Wise Mind Workplace Wellness Package will deliver!

Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your needs.

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