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Elissa Burdick, NBC-HWC, MA

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach 

Master's Degree in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling Psychology

Working in the Mental Health Field Since 2010

Purple leaves no background

Initially, I thought I was going to be a professional musician! I grew up being a naturally gifted flute player, enjoyed singing and dancing, and loved performing. This all changed when I learned natural talent was not enough to carry me forward at a college level, as clearly evidenced by my failing grades and lack of interest in my college music classes.

Things changed for me when I discovered psychology; I was no longer on academic probation and instead was on the dean's list! I had found my calling.


After graduating with my bachelor's degree in psychology from UMass Lowell in 2010, I took a year or so to get some experience working in mental health--starting as an overnight counselor/crisis hotline responder before transitioning into a daytime position as a case manager. 

First job

Since discovering the benefits of mindfulness in 2008, I've been on a mission to help others gain the fruits of living a mindful life, like a greater sense of ease and resilience, as well as confidence and clarity about one's life purpose.


My personal health and wellness journey coupled with my 10+ years of professional experience as a therapist and coach has allowed me great insight into how people struggle and what truly helps people be able to live more fulfilling, intentional lives--emotional intelligence.

Working together, you'll become better able to understand your emotions and those in others, leading to improved closeness in your relationships, better self-advocacy, and a lasting confidence to keep propelling you forward in life.

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Purple leaves no background

From working overnights to becoming a therapist and coach, take a walk with me on my path to becoming Your Wise Mind Coach.

My Professional Journey


I love rock climbing!

Whether it's in the gym or outdoors, I absolutely love rock climbing! I started climbing in 2011 when I moved to Boulder, CO for grad school and immediately fell in love with the sport, which I often wrote about as being a form of moving meditation. The feeling that comes from the flow state of climbing to the top of a wall simply can't be beaten.

Music is still an important part of my life.

I have always loved music; in many ways, it has been a big part of my personal healing. I listen to music every day and absolutely love seeing music live. My favorite genres may be surprising--I love post-hardcore, pop/punk, and emo music! Follow my Spotify "On Repeat" playlist here for my current song obsessions.

I take a grounded approach to spirituality.

I see spirituality as an intrinsic facet of the human experience, it's what helps us make sense of this life. My approach is based in the understanding that we are all intimately connected, and it's in our shared humanity that we can find meaning.

Naropa graduation

In 2011, I moved to Boulder, CO to study Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University, a Buddhist-inspired, contemplative-focused school, whose slogan is Transform Yourself, Transform the World. They did not disappoint in living up to this slogan!


Every class and assignment was infused with mindfulness and personal growth opportunities: We would meditate together for 20 minutes before each class, we were supported in reflecting upon each psychological theory we studied to strengthen and deepen insight about our own lives, and we were trained in how to stay present while supporting our clients in their deep emotional processing.


This training has been invaluable and allows me to stay grounded, take a wide perspective, and provide true empathy, understanding, and compassion to everyone I work with--qualities which I know from experience can be hard to come by in the health and wellness field. 

Perks of my first mental health job in 2011--office dog Lola!

Purple leaves no background

In graduate school, I completed my internship at a local mental health clinic as an intake coordinator and outpatient therapist. Upon graduating, I created my own small private therapy practice called Illumination Counseling and worked as a therapist for individuals and families doing family preservation and parent education for a Denver agency. While working for an agency was impactful, it was also very draining, and I was not utilizing my skills to the best of my abilities.


In 2016, I took a role with a tech-based startup as a behavioral health coach where I worked with hundreds of clients employed at Fortune 500 companies like Buzzfeed, Sephora, and Pinterest, from top executives to ground-level employees. In this role, I truly blossomed and became the coach that I am today!


In my almost 4 years there, I was consistently rated as a "top tier" coach, presented multiple times to the company as a whole about my mindfulness-based approach, created and led trainings and workshops for coaches about mindfulness-based coaching and goal setting, was the in-house meditation instructor, and served as a coach mentor--among other things! (Check out some of my videos and articles.) 

Coaching at Ginger.jpg

I'm a person too!

Learn a bit more about me and what helps me live a fulfilled life.

Elissa hand on chin

In all of my time working in the mental health field, I have noticed that every client I've encountered was struggling with the same challenges:​

 - Creating a healthy work/life balance

 - Struggles with anxiety, imposter syndrome, and feeling "not good enough"

 - Difficulty communicating and self-advocating at work and at home

These challenges all have something in common--their solutions!


It's been amazing to witness the deeply transformative way my unique mindfulness-based approach has helped countless people let go of limiting beliefs and learn how to live a life that's more in line with one's values and desires, and how that translates into a more fulfilled life.

And now I'm bringing this approach to you directly! Join me!

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